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Thursday, May 26, 2022

2009 Bushfires

February 7

February 7, 2019. Ten years on. As our token of respect, The Local Paper website and Facebook page will be silent for the day. (Emergencies excepted.)

‘Naylor saved neighbour’

TV newsman Brian Naylor told Kinglake West firemen on the weekend of the 2009 fires.: “We’re all right. We’ll be OK. Go and see the lady down the road. She’s by herself.” The conversation is related in journalist Aaron Landmaid’s report in the Sunday Herald Sun (Feb. 3). It was a plumber who would later

2009: Flowerdale home explodes

This is the address where we once lived at Flowerdale. I took this photo just days after the Black Saturday fires in 2009, ten years ago. Quite incredibly, the brick house exploded with the heat from the fires, but the adjoining shedding survived. We moved to Flowerdale in 1985, and I celebrated my 30th birthday