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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Moiree and Brian Naylor

‘Naylor saved neighbour’

TV newsman Brian Naylor told Kinglake West firemen on the weekend of the 2009 fires.: “We’re all right. We’ll be OK. Go and see the lady down the road. She’s by herself.”

The conversation is related in journalist Aaron Landmaid’s report in the Sunday Herald Sun (Feb. 3).

It was a plumber who would later relay the story to Brian and Moiree’s daughter, Jane Bayliss.

“Your father saved my mum,” the told her. “There’s no way she would have made it out if that fire crew hadn’t arrived.”

The report is a subscriber-only story at the Herald Sun website.

Personal postscript: Ash Long, Local Paper editor, often met Brian and Moiree Naylor at media events, and at Channel 9 and Channel 7 where Brian was a newsreader. Fleur Long attended Lalor High School with Jane Naylor (now Bayliss) in the early 1970s.