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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

WHITTLESEA. Executive manager’s company owed $247,143 to 14 creditors: Liquidator

A company part-owned by Kristi High, now a senior executive at Whittlesea Council, was put into voluntary liquidation, owing almost quarter-of-a-million dollars to 14 creditors, according to official Australian Securities and Investments Commission documents.
Liquidator Bradd William Morelli reported that the gross amount of $94,528.24 in assets of Puffafish Pty Ltd was recovered.
The sum of $124,787.20 in receipts was processed during the three-year external administration period, with the fees paid to the liquidator, Jirsch Suterland of Newcastle, NSW, totalling $51,008.10.
Puffafish Pty Ltd was placed into external administration on September 15, 2015, and deregistered by ASIC on July 19, 2018. Directors and shareholders of that company at July 19, 2018, were Kristi Lee High and Anthony Peter Woodcock.
The liquidator said in 2017 that “ongoing investigations”, and “purusing potential recovery of director loan account” may delay the termination of the appointment of the liquidator.
Another company, Puffafish Group Pty Ltd, currently continues, according to the Australian Business Register.
A website – www.puffafish.com.au – in which Ms High and Mr Wood-cock advertise their services was viewable on the internet, as recently as this past week.
The Puffafish Group Pty Ltd website lists Ms High as the company’s public contact, and quotes Woodend and Toorak as being the trading locations.
ASIC records indicate that the current Puffafish Group director is Anthony Woodcock of Woodend, with Ms High relinquishing her directorship on January 6 last year.
According to latest records lodged with ASIC, Ms High currently holds 100 of the company’s 300 shares, issued at $1 each.