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Sunday, October 25, 2020

WHITEHORSE: Candidate takes swipe at Council, paper

Caroline Cook, Elgar Ward candidate in the Whitehorse Council elections, spends considerable time promoting a Boroondara Council publication, in a rambling pre-poll video.

In election publicity, Ms Cook says: “Given my award winning corporate background, I possess exceptional negotiation experience, analytical and investigative skills, and ability to communicate with people from all walks of life.”

In an email to The Local Paper, Ms Cook said: “[I] have never heard of your organisation,”

Ms Cook is critical of what she says is poor communication by Whitehorse Council during COVID-19.

She is also critical of a newspaper that is no longer printed, as well as taking a swipe at The Local Paper: “The Whitehorse Leader ceased to distribute hard copies around the start of lockdown.

“Even when it was allegedly operating, I myself had not received a copy in at least 10 years! So, unless distributors start to get their walkers to take pictures of every letterbox paper is put into, then I envisage hard copies of your paper will not be distributed as well!

“If Parking Inspectors can take pictures of tickets placed on cars, then distribution companies can surely organise for pictures to be taken for every paper placed in every letterbox.”

Editor notes: The Local Paper does not deliver to letterboxes, and has never represented that it does.