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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Jackson Taylor, Bayswater MLA

KNOX: MP’s 6000 phone calls

Bayswater MLA Jackson Taylor says he has used the lockdown time productively, making 6000 phone calls to local residents.

“In the last few weeks I have personally picked up and I have made about 6000 phone calls within my community, and yes, absolutely—there is frustration,” Mr Taylor told the Legislative Assembly on Friday (Sep. 18).

“Of course there is. Is there any Victorian who is not frustrated? Of course they are frustrated. I am frustrated. Everybody s frustrated. “But even more there is the urge to get everyone working together, on the same page. I can tell you now there is no love lost for those opposite. Let me be clear: the resounding messages have been, ‘End the politics and get on with the job of keeping Victorians safe’ and ‘Get tested’. “That is what we need to be talking about. That is what we need to be getting out to our communities, not sepia-toned graphics attacking—not all that nonsense, not all of that, because that is absolute garbage.

“We talk about support for our business communities. I acknowledge the difficulties our business communities have faced this year in what has been an extraordinarily difficult year,” Mr Taylor said.