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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Ashley Geelan of Kinglake Ranges News. Source: MEAA

Hundreds of harassing emails, messages

Kinglake blogger Ashley Geelan has sent hundreds of harassing emails and unsolicited messages to The Local Paper, and Ash Long, the Managing Director of Local Media Pty Ltd.

Another unsolicited late night email arrived from Mr Geelan at 11pm Tuesday (Jan. 8). It requested extensive historical information about The Local Paper’s online readership data over the past 18 months.

“Given that Mr Geelan has been boring everyone witless with his supposedly informed commentary over the past few years, one would assume that he has already has this information. If he does not have this information, how could any of the comparative statistical claims he has made over the past 18 months be regarded as ‘informed’?”

The Local Media Pty Ltd written response to Mr Geelan is:

“We refer you to Ashley Geelan’s email to us of October 13, 2017 in which he wrote: “This will be the last time I ever email or contact you.”

“Mr Geelan has not kept his word on this and many other matters. He has bombarded us with hundreds of unsolicited emails and online messages, some of which include personal attacks, harassment, abusive, offensive and threatening language. 

“As Mr Geelan’s behaviour is currently the subject of a complaint before the Australian Competition and Consumer Authority, we will not be making any further comment.

“We again urge Mr Geelan to comply with our previous and this request to not contact us in any way. Mr Geelan’s harassing behaviour is under the attention of the Australian Media and Communications Authority, Telstra, Victoria Police and Australian Federal Police.”