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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Frank McGuire, Broadmeadows MLA

HUME: Broadmeadows to be revitalised

Broadmeadows MLA Frank McGuire has spoken again in State Parliament about how the area is to be revitalised.

“We need a plan, unity and hope. This is how we recover from a pandemic that has caused the worst global recession since the Great Depression,” Mr McGuire told the Legislative Assembly last week.

“The comeback plan defines how to deliver change where it is needed most. Securing private sector investment has already proved vital. “All tiers of government must now unite to seize this unique opportunity, make no-regrets investments in infrastructure and redefine the social determinants of life.

“The comeback plan co-ordinates the three tiers of government, business and civil society to turn adversity into opportunity, defining the value of Broadmeadows as a prototype for economic recovery.

“The role of the Broadmeadows Revitalisation Board 4.0 is to implement the comeback strategy that harnesses new thinking, international leadership and emerging technologies to protect lives and create new livelihoods.

“Hard-won city deals have been secured and can invest in infrastructure and connect the town centre to the new economic engine room being redesigned to deliver the independent supply chains Australia craves to protect national sovereignty.

“As chair of the Broadmeadows Revital-isation Board 4.0, I will continue to drive these initiatives, including the triple-helix model combining research, industry and government for our economic comeback,” Mr McGuire said.