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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Robyn Walsh, Red Gate Ward candidate

MURRINDINDI: Robyn looks at big picture

Murrindindi Shire candidate Robyn Walsh is taking the pre-election conversation to imaginative new levels.

As well as local Red Gate Ward issues, Ms Walsh is canvassing the long-term idea of a new road between Glenburn and Taggerty, which would be a boost to tourism to the Alexandra and Lake Eildon regions.

“A new road is needed from Glenburn to Taggerty to open up the heart of the shire and get the Lake, Alex. and Marysville pumping again,” Ms Walsh said.

“This road will be a fantastic asset. It will inject new life into tourism and business, cut 50- km off most journeys and increase emergency service access.”

Ms Walsh also wants to see invigoration of the Great Victorian Rail Trail: “The rail trial is a classic underperforming asset. It runs through three shires. Murrindindi maintains over 55 per cent. It is the largest and most beautiful section, yet we only receive one-third of Mansfield’s visitors.
“Imagine the boost to our economy if rail trail visitors trebled. It is essential we revamp trail management for the benefit of all, not just Mansfield.

“Because we live in huge shire with a tiny population, our assets have to work hard,” Ms Walsh said.