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Thursday, October 1, 2020

NORTH: Govt. cash for Mott newspapers

North Central Review Pty Ltd will receive up to $119,410 under a Liberal Federal Government grant .

This grant was announced this morning by the Australian Media and Communications Authority.

The North Central Review, owned by the Mott family of Whittlesea and Wallan, will receive the money to engage a digital marketing officer and to upgrade its online sales technology and video production equipment to improve its digital and social media presence.

The ACMA says it received more than 300 applications for the 2020 Round, almost three times the previous round.

Of the 41 successful grant recipients, 16 are from New South Wales, 12 are from Victoria, 6 are from Queensland, 2 are from South Australia, 2 are from the ACT, 2 are from Tasmania and one is from Western Australia.

The Mott family is also to received Federal grant money for its Alexandra Newspapers operation that publishes the Alexandra Standard and Yea

The undisclosed amount of the additional grant will be used to increase productivity and sustainability by redeveloping the Grantee’s website and replacing out of date IT equipment.

• DISCLOSURE: Local Media Pty Ltd did not receive a grant in the 2020 round.