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Saturday, August 15, 2020

MURRINDINDI: 5-2 vote allows Tanglewood Festival

Murrindindi Shire Council last week voted 5-2 to allow a permit for the Tanglewood Festival to be held annually at a Thornton property for each of the next five years.

Voting for the proposal were: Crs Leigh Dunscombe, Sandice McAulay, Margaret Rae, Jackie Ashe and Rebecca Bowles.

Against were: Crs Charlie Bisset and Eric Lording.

The event is proposed to allow for 3000 patrons in the first year with the potential to grow by 250 patrons each year until the fifth year which will allow for 4000 patrons.

The proposed event is promoted as a small boutique music and arts festival consisting of musical performances, cultural activities and artistic workshops.

The event is targeted at patrons in the 25 to 50 year old demographic.

The site has been used for the music festival ‘Tanglewood’ on four occasions since the event commenced in 2015.

The event is promoted as being environmentally conscious where patrons are requested to bring reusable utensils and other strategies to reduce the events carbon footprint.

The festival site is proposed to be located towards the rear of Lot 1 around 1.5kms from the Goulburn Valley Highway.

There will be two main stages where live bands and DJs will perform.
The festival will include a market area where there will be food stalls, an art gallery and a low level music space.

The food stalls will operate between 9am to 1am and free drinking water will be provided.

The proposed event site is situated on 165 hectares of agricultural land comprising of five separate lots.

Lot 2 is developed by way of a dwelling and machinery and shearing sheds. It is proposed that Lot 2 will be used for the entrance to the festival and car queueing.

The proposed use of land for a music festival will be predominantly on Lot 1. Lot 1 is 127 hectares in size and generally used for cattle grazing.
Music from the event may occur between the following hours on the following dates:

• December 30 – 3pm and midnight
• December 31- 10am to 6am January 1
• January 1 – 10am – 11pm.
or alternative dates with the prior written consent of the Council.

Noise generated must not exceed 96 decibels (A) on the main stage and 92 dB(A) on Stage 2, measured at 30 metres from front of the stage.

For late night (after 10pm) noise levels must not exceed 89 dB(A) on the main stage and 86 dB(A) on Stage 2 measured at 30 metres from front of the stage.

“Should a complaint be received about the noise level, the sound engineer must check levels and adjust accordingly,” said a report to Councillors.

“Between the hours of 3am and 6am on January 1 the amplification to all speakers must be reduced. The amplification must be reduced to such a level that they do not exceed 60db at 63Hz on all residential boundaries.”

Under the permit, there are to be no fireworks/ pyrotechnics and/or fire performances at this event

The event organiser is to appoint Safety Officers for the event, who have successfully completed the ‘Safety Officer – In a Place of Public Entertainment’, training that is available from Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade. Evidence of qualification is to be provided to the Country Fire Authority.

The motion was proposed by Crs Sandice McAulay and Margaret Rae.

Cr Rebecca Bowles made a statement at the start of the Murrindindi Council meeting last week.

“Whilst I do not have a conflict of interest to disclose, it has been alleged that I have a biased position regarding 969 Goulburn Valley Highway, Thornton – Tanglewood (Item 8.1 on the Agenda).

“In response, I wish to state that I have come to this meeting with an open mind and a preparedness to consider all arguments in favour of, and opposed to, the application to be determined by Council.

“In summary, I have not predetermined my position on the matter,” Cr Bowles said.

Speakers at the Council meeting against the Tanglewood Festival permit application were:

• Murray Coates
• Heather Robb
• Graeme Robb
• Greg Salter
• June Glover
• Sienna Salter
• Daniel Harrop
• Craig Cooper
• Paul Little

Steph Born spoke in support.
Craig Lloyd, CEO, read a submission on behalf of Fiona Mackey, against.