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Monday, September 28, 2020

Ruffy CFA volunteers. File Photo

Ruffy fires now ‘contained’

10.30PM THU. The Caveat-Ruffy-Terip Terip fires have been described as “contained”.

“There is a bushfire in the Caveat to Boathole Bridge Rd area, south of the Ruffy township that is now contained, and surrounded by a graded earth firebreak,” says an advice issued by Emergency Victoria.

“Due to the rough country, most firefighters have gone home to rest and will return at first light tomorrow. This includes the return of firefighting aircraft and earthmoving equipment.

“Night shift fire crews will be doing some back-burning overnight tonight. Nearby residents may see flames or notice an increase in smoke.

“Local residents do not need to be concerned by this increase in fire activity. Back-burning it is part of the fire plan to burn out any unburnt country during the cooler and calmer weather during tonight.

“There is currently no threat to you, but you should stay informed and monitor conditions.

“Emergency services will advise you if there is any increase in danger overnight.

“If you are currently driving, slow down and turn on your headlights; smoke will make it difficult to see.

“Trees can fall across roads and cause dangerous driving conditions,” the advice says.