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Monday, September 28, 2020

Yea Hospital merger with Seymour Health axed

The merger between Yea Hospital and Seymour Health is off.
But Yea Hospital will still look to collaborate with a number of health institutions to provide the best possible services.

A statement was issued today (Friday) by Yea Hospital Chairman Ian Marshman:

“The board of Yea and District Memorial Hospital is committed to a collaboration
with other hospitals in the region for the significant benefit of our community.
The board has determined that closer collaborative relationships would bring more
benefits than a merger.
Chair Ian Marshman said the Yea community would be better served by working
with several partners.
“We think that collaboration will offer more flexible and quality services and
greater opportunities to share expertise and leverage existing good practices across
the region.
“We want to work with local health and welfare practitioners and collaborate with
other hospitals and health services in the region on health service planning.
“We are already working with Alexandra Hospital and Darlingford Aged Care on a
services plan for the Murrindindi region.
“One objective is to identify ways in which the three health services can work more
closely to strengthen and increase services in the Murrindindi Shire.”
Mr Marshman said the hospital was still operating well today, and thanked staff
and volunteers for their support while planning reviews had been undertaken.
“We have a new board with a range of skills in business and finance, health sector
experience, local government, community services and health academia.
“Added to this, the hospital is in a strong financial position.
“The quality of our service is also excellent, as seen by our reaccreditation by
Australian Council of Healthcare Standards for a further three years,” he said.
“And a major review of Yea’s Clinical Services Plan also is almost complete. This was
undertaken in consultation with the local community and we will be reporting the
decisions back to the community,” he said.
Mr Marshman thanked the Board and CEO of Seymour Health for the collegial
manner in which they work with Yea.
“We are keen to continue to work with Seymour, along with other public health
providers, in developing and implementing health planning for the Upper Goulburn
communities they serve,” he said.