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Saturday, May 30, 2020

UPDATE: Kellock Lodge Board’s Saturday meeting

UPDATE: A four-page special report will be published in The Local Paper on Wednesday (June 27). You can have a preview look at the report at: https://issuu.com/mediaflash/docs/lpy_kellockreport  

A meeting of the Kellock Lodge Board was attempted on Saturday morning.

Three members – Rod Sloan John Sharwood and Mike Manning – were present, so a quorum of six was not achieved.

There were apologies from the Bishop (in his letter from Friday) and verbal apologies from Heather McLaren and Ann Hunter. No apologies from Ian Davis or Graeme Brown.

A Kellock Lodge source said that four Board members did not attend the public meeting on Friday: Bishop John Parkes, Graeme Brown, Heather McLaren and Ian Davis.

• More details in Wednesday’s edition of The Local Paper.

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